Medical tourism

Throughout history people have come in Rome for their health, to bath in ancient thermal springs and relax in or visit the “Aeternal City”.

Today this tradition continues in the “Villa Betania” healthcare facility, thanks to the proximity with Saint Peter’s Basilica and the most advanced tecniques, technologies and procedures.

We provide package trip for foreigners who want to go through treatment, therapy or rehabilitation, combined with a holiday in Rome.

Villa Betania International Care is your best choice thanks to:

  • No waiting list and fast access to the treatment
  • Multilingual speaking staff
  • Patient-focused approach: private room, personalized meals, dedicated staff during patients’ stay and many other tailor-made services
  • Round-trip travel service such as bookings, visa, transfer, accommodation
  • Healthcare activities may also be mixed with a holiday / business trip program
  • High quality international standard services
  • Top quality technologies, such as Da Vinci Robot for uro-gynaecological surgery, and world best-in-class tecniques, such as the Fast Track recovery path for hip and knee joint replacement

Our programs can be tailor-made to fit personal and medical needs. 

The assistance procedure begins with the first contact with the patient, also through this website, and continues with the arrangement of his/her arrival in our clinic.

During the complete hospitalization path we continuously keep in touch with the patients’ doctor and relatives in his/her native country in order to share information and to foster the continuity of care from the first diagnosis to the return-home post-hospitalization period.

Your best-in-class treatment is round the corner!

Please fill the form below or contact us through the website chat / whatsapp in order to book a videocall with our physician.

Professional Consultation


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