and Online doctor consultations

Talk to a doctor to treat your health problems or for a regular check-up in the comfort of your home or hotel, even if any COVID-19 restriction is ongoing.

You have no longer to schedule an in-person visit with a physician to obtain a consultation.

The use of telecommunication technologies makes possible for our doctors to provide you remote clinical services and let you to save a lot of time!


  • Dynamic & Fast
  • Multidisciplinary opinions
  • No waiting times & quick diagnosis: save your time!
  • Accessible wherever you live
  • Reduce stress and discomfort

You can fill the “contact us” form below for any questions or Click & Pay in order to book your videoconsultation and skip the line for the registration process.

You’ll be answered by our staff in order to arrange the videocall.

15 minutes Videoconsultation – 50€

40 minutes Videoconsultation – 100€

40 min. Videoconsultation with a head physician – 150€

During this pandemic period, in order to check your and your relatives’ safety, we perform serologic Covid test with answers within next business day.
You can fill the “contact us” form below for any questions or pay the test through the PayPal link below in order to skip the line when you’ll access our outpatient facility.

Serologic Covid test – 45€

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