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In need of medical assistance while staying in Rome?

Villa Betania International Care is the private department aimed to assist foreign patients at Villa Betania Clinic and it is widely recognized for providing outstanding healthcare to tourists, expats, students and internationals living and travelling around Rome.

Having a health problem for non-italian speaking people could be stressful and we are glad to provide you with our high-quality assistance in case of medical need. 

We work directly with the patient’s international insurers, carrying out all the necessary procedures on their behalf.

Villa Betania International Care provides patients and their families with a fully personalized and comprehensive service and outstanding healthcare covering a wide range of medical specialties, thanks to our high skilled medical staff and interpreters, speaking over 8 languages, who will care the patient through their stay and the eventual connection with doctors or relatives located in the patients’ native country.


Translators and on-site interpreters

House-call doctors and hotel visits

Ambulance services

Multidisciplinary patients' approach

Urgent care 24 / 7

Insurance relationship

Expat healthcare

Comprehensive care for non-italian speaking people living or working in Rome and surroundings

Student healthcare

Full assistance for students abroad programme


Virtual care and second opinion with our specialized doctors

Medical tourism

Travelling to Italy to access the best practice in orthopaedic and urology


Giomi Group, with a more than 70 years history, is one of the leading companies in Italy regarding the private healthcare sector, with locations spread all over the country from north to south.

Giomi Group is the number one in orthopaedic activities in Italy .

In its facilities are used best-in-class procedures and high-end technologies, such as the Da Vinci Robot which represent the world-top technology for urologic surgery.

Villa Betania clinic IN rome

Villa Betania International Care works in sinergy with Giomi Group in order to offer its international patients the highest standards in healthcare, comfort and necessities.

Thanks to both skilled staff and high-end technologies, we are able to assist patients in every clinical condition, up to the intensive care.

Villa Betania Clinic is located in the heart of Rome, very close to the Vatican city, and it’s very easy to reach it both for patients and their relatives, also with public means of transport.

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Margery R. - USA

I broke my wrist and was treated at your facility. I want to thank you for all the assistance that you gave to me when I was in pain and in need of help. Your assistance eased my way through that evening and meant a great deal to me. I think that services provided by your organization are a generous and important gift to foreigners and I ask that you share this e-mail and my thanks with your director.

Bruno V.d.B. - USA

I am back in the USA and I am in good health. I would like to thank you for your help during my stay at your facility last week. Your service has been greatly appreciated.

Richard H. - France

Bonjour, I would like to thank the Villa Betania International Care staff for the attention they paid me during my stay at the clinic in Rome.

Daniel And María Elena - Mexico

With great pleasure we greet and inform you that today we finally arrived home. We’d like to thank you for all the support and help we received from your team. We highly value your time and all your work, we really appreciate all your attention. A warm hug.

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